Marvel: Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Distributor.

Marvel Distributor - Official Licensed Products.

Backpacks, handbags, masks and more official merchandise for Marvel distributors, fans and wholesalers.

Are you a Marvel distributor? The comic kings and memory makers Marvel are always a safe bet, place yours with KaracterMania.

Fashion Backpack Marvel Universe

IBiscuit Bag Marvel Universe

Purse Cardholder Marvel Universe

Lanyard Marvel Universe


Lanyard Marvel Universe


3,20 €

Slim Case Marvel Universe

Cookie Purse Marvel Universe

Freetime HS 1.1 Backpack Marvel Trend

Triple Pencil Case HS Marvel Trend

Storm Gymsack Handles Marvel Trend

Shopping Bag Marvel Trend


Shopping Bag Marvel Trend


18,20 €

HS Backpack 1.2 Marvel Timely

Running HS Backpack 1.2 Marvel Timely