Beach Bag Sunny OHMYPOP Yummy

Beauty Case Sunny OHMYPOP Yummy

Bouquet Backpack OHMYPOP Wow-Siren

Action Bag OHMYPOP Wow-Siren

Purse Shy OHMYPOP Wow-Siren

Round Bag OHMYPOP Wow-Nicorn

Bouquet Backpack OHMYPOP Wow-Cat

Round Bag OHMYPOP Wow-Cat


Round Bag OHMYPOP Wow-Cat


17,30 €

Fashion backpack S. OHMYPOP Wings

Round Bag OHMYPOP Wings


Round Bag OHMYPOP Wings


21,80 €

Round Shoulder Bag Pq OHMYPOP Wings

Wallet OHMYPOP Wings


Wallet OHMYPOP Wings


27,80 €

The best products for women, is in Karactermania. We have all kinds of products for them, from backpacks for women, to handbags, gymsacks, toiletry bags, pencil cases, beauty cases, accessories for mobile and tablet ... Buy your products in detail or wholesale and benefit from our incredible prices and promotions.

Among the women's backpacks, you will find a wide variety of designs of your favorite characters: Hello Kitty, Minnie or Betty Boop. Adult collections arrive in different formats; Freetime backpack, running backpack and fashion backpack. In addition, you will find the pink Trolley Travel backpack, ideal for traveling and weekend getaways. Pink and violet backpacks for women.

The gymsacks for women bring a novelty this season: the Sack Strap gymsack. Available in High School licenses and products, they have become the perfect complement to urban women. Betty Boop, Mickey and Minnie, give rise to this classic collection that is having a great reception. In addition, PRODG brings us the 41 cm gymsacks available in the full range of colors.

Women handbags come to Karactermania in many formats. The Clammy Bag and the Satchel Bag, designed with the patterns of Classic Mickey, Classic Minnie, and Betty Boop, have a front flap that helps keep belongings more protected. The Chest Bag, on the other hand, which has a great capacity and a very careful design, has 2 handles with reinforcement to carry with the hand as well as a handle of 130 cm to carry on the shoulder. The licenses of Marilyn or Audrey, are great references of this purse format.

Oh My Pop!

If there's an original brand for women with personality, it's Oh My Pop! With different collections, their original forms applied to everyday products, have made them a fixed in the collections of backpacks, bags, and purses. The cabin bag, the chocolate purse or the backpack with the STOP sign, are great standard bearers of this brand for the woman of today.