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KaracterMania is a manufacturer and designer of officially licensed NASA products. We produce original articles for daily, school, and professional use: bags, backpacks, fanny packs, cases, stationery... This license attracts a wide range of audiences, so its products have a place in wholesalers and distributor businesses: From sports or gift shops to department stores.

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Pro Backpack NASA Neon


Pro Backpack NASA Neon


50,80 €

Triangle Pencil Case NASA Neon

HS Backpack 1.3 NASA Mission

Triple Pencil Case HS NASA Mission

Storm Gymsack with Handles NASA Mission

Glaze Fanny Pack NASA Mission

A4 Notebook Grid Paper NASA Mission

A5 Notebook Grid Paper NASA Mission

4 Rings Binder NASA Mission

HS Backpack 1.3 NASA Houston

Triple Pencil Case HS NASA Houston

Glaze Fanny Pack NASA Houston