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Distributor and wholesale of LOL Surprise licensed products

Manufacturer of LOL Surprise Licensed Products

LOL Surprise Licensed Products. One of the big names in the children's entertainment scene. Fun, cute and chic, the LOL Surprise represents the style and attitude of girls around the world and has surpassed $5 billion in sales (2020 figures). These dolls are bought without knowing which one the buyer is going to get, as they come in opaque packaging and the result is random. LOL Surprise dolls, surprise, as the name suggests their owners, and make them enjoy at all times. At KaracterMania we manufacture and design for distributors and wholesalers who want to purchase licensed LOL Surprise products.


Wholesale of LOL Surprise official products

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Wholesale Distributor Velcro Wallet LOL Surprise Rock


Velcro Wallet LOL Surprise Rock

LOL Surprise

11,50 €

Wholesale Distributor Shine Notebook LOL Surprise Rock


Shine Notebook LOL Surprise Rock

LOL Surprise

11,90 €

Wholesale Distributor Small Wallet LOL Surprise Rock


Small Wallet LOL Surprise Rock

LOL Surprise

20,70 €

Wholesale Distributor Triple Pencil Case LOL Surprise Art

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