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Batman is the alter ego of Bruce Wayne: The protector and saviour of Gotham. Also known as The Dark Knight, he is always ready to defend his city from criminals and villains. The DC Comics flagship is a superhero like no other, and we at KaracterMania pride ourselves on being the official manufacturer of licensed Batman products. Duty calls us: To the Batmobile!

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Wholesale Distributor Folder Batman Tagsignal


Folder Batman Tagsignal


6,60 €

Wholesale Distributor 4 Rings Binder Grid Paper Batman Tagsignal

Wholesale Distributor HS Backpack 1.3 Batman Skulls

Wholesale Distributor Triple HS Pencil Case Batman Skulls

Wholesale Distributor Small 3D Backpack Batman Rage

Wholesale Distributor 3D Lunch Bag Batman Rage


3D Lunch Bag Batman Rage


17,80 €

Wholesale Distributor 3D Double Pencil Case Batman Rage

Wholesale Distributor Pro Backpack Batman Neon


Pro Backpack Batman Neon


50,80 €

Wholesale Distributor Triangle Pencil Case Batman Neon

Wholesale Distributor Sports Bag Batman Knight


Sports Bag Batman Knight


26,70 €

Wholesale Distributor Reusable Adults Mask Batman Gotham

Wholesale Distributor Reusable Kids Mask Batman Gotham