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We design and manufacture 3D backpacks and cases, lunchboxes, wallets and many more items from children's favourite cartoons and series. Are you a distributor? Create an account as a shop or wholesaler. View options and general purchasing conditions.


When placing and order online with pre-sale products, please coordinate the delivery date of the goods with the arrival date of the pre-sale items (see PDF).

View this link for steps to place an online order. You can make several orders. We combine and process them once they reach the minimum shipping value. Pre-sale is only for registered distributors.

Cartable Backpack 2.0 Paw Patrol Paweome

Cartable Backpack 2.0 Naruto Ninja

Cartable Backpack 2.0 Sonic Blue Lay

Cartable Backpack 2.0 Batman Batdress

Padding Fashion Backpack Minnie Mouse Air

Small Bouquet Backpack Disney Princess Be You

Pack with Fanny Pack + Complement Mickey Mouse Shy

FAN HS Backpack Harry Potter Occult

Small 3D Backpack with Wheels Lilo and Stitch Match

Small 3D Backpack with Wheels Batman Night

Small 3D Backpack with Wheels Minnie Mouse Spring

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